Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Dog Breeder

So, of course I'm bored before the start of the big trip. I've never actually liked working (at the restaurant), but lately it's just been seeming especially harsh. At least I can let my mind wander a little bit, making up lists of stuff I need and don't need (I've always been a big, and extremely random, list-maker).

My effort to fight away the boredom and monotony of work: make up posts. So, here's a post about my car, a old 2001 Ford Focus Wagon.

It's kinda lame. In fact, Eric, upon first seeing it, said it would be perfect for a middle-aged, over-weight, female dog-breeder/elementary school teacher. But, it's fairly well suited for my purposes. It's got big trunk; I can kind-of sleep in it if it's raining; it's good on gas, and it runs (mostly). I guess a pick-up with bed-topper would be the perfect scenario, but I can only dream...

So here's a few action pics from March in Indian Creek:

Thursday, April 23, 2009

but I'll miss Colorado

Visions of Sal and Dean

It's road trip season! The days are getting longer, the nights are getting warmer, and whenever I catch the smell of woodsmoke in the evening, I wish I were camping.

In a few weeks, it'll be a wish no more, and it'll likely be my own campfire providing the ambience.

My apartment lease is up on May 7th and my best friend/roommate Eric is moving to California with his wonderful girlfriend, Sarah. So, this seems like the perfect time to throw off the responsibilities of the normal, working world for a while and head out on the road.

My (very) tentative plan:
Make my way by a semi-direct route to YOSEMITE! with possible stops along the way at:
The Black Canyon, Zion, Red Rocks, and/or somewhere else in between.
Once there, spend a few weeks in the crazy awesomeness of the valley, dodge the rangers and the bears, and climb some big and little rocks.

That should take 'til early June, and then it gets even more tentative, but here goes:
Needles (hopefully a good antidote to the nutty yosemite scene)
High Sierra
(I guess this part is highly partner dependant, hopefully I find a like-minded wanderer in the Valley)

then, when Cali is just getting to hot (early July??), probably head up north to spend some time in Squamish, eh?

Even more generally, I would like to make my way back south in August-September, maybe hitting City of Rocks, the Tetons, the Wind River range, Vedauwoo, Devil's Tower, etc...

Finally, come fall, I'd love to get back to the Front Range, and hopefully find a job and place to live.

Wow, writing it all out like that, it almost seems less crazy/more reasonable than it actually it is...