Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Needles Pics

I guess it's too hard for me to combine words and pictures, so here's a load of pics from the beautiful Needles. Coordinate them with the trip report below.

Me leading Airy Interlude (5.10a)

Our rockin campfire

More of Graham's rad photo trickery. Full moon light on our camp.

Me leading Sirocco, about to take a 30+ footer

Graham cleaning up my sew-up job on the first 12a pitch of "Romantic Warrior"

Me getting physical while following the 12a traverse pitch on "Romantic Warrior"

Me leading the crux "Book of Deception" pitch on "Romantic Warrior" (12b)

Graham following same

Also, while I've been doing posting all this, I've been rocking out to "Cage the Elephant", a super fun band.
Check them out!

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