Saturday, May 8, 2010

Too much climbing, not enough internetting

Of course, there's probably no such thing as too much climbing. But I've been trying to find out in the past few weeks. Since I don't have the time or pictures to write good trip reports for each one, here's a sampling of what I've been up to lately:

Shune's Buttress, 6 pitches, 5.11+, onsight
Sheer Lunacy, 9 pitches, 5.12, redpoint
The Silverback, 5 pitches, 5.12+, dogged
Moneyfinger, 6 pitches, 5.12b, onsight

Red Rocks:
The Breathing Stone, 8 pitches, 5.11d+, 1 fall
Drifting, 5 pitches, 5.11c, onsight
The Warrior, 8 pitches, 5.11a, onsight
The Rainbow Wall, with Rainbow Country Variation, 14 pitches, 5.12d. Onsight of all but the 12d pitch.

Red Rocks is in prime condition right now, with the desert alive with spring flowers, and the stifling heat of Vegas kept at bay by pleasant wind and shady walls. Friends Blake and Garrett we here in Red Rocks for a while last week, seeking out obscure climbs and taking some gorgeous pictures. Hopefully we'll see ariticle in an upcoming climbing mag with their article and photos. Check out Blake's Blog here for some pics and writing about the trip. Here's one of Garrett's pics, me on the first pitch of Breathing Stone:

Copyright Garrett Grove, 2010.


  1. and you have wished your fabulous Mother a happy Mother's day. correct? Had to say it. Be safe and do good work Scott. Have fun at Steve's wedding.

  2. I did indeed, she's doing great!

  3. Thanks for climbing with me in Red Rocks. It was a blast and look forward to hooking up sometime again this summer. Get up to Squamish!