Saturday, August 14, 2010

Colo-RAD-o Lazy?

Alright, so I'm lazy. This should come as no surprise. I have excuses for lack of posts. Mainly: lack of photos, because we all know that all words (especially my words) and no pics makes for boring internetting.

So, here's my valiant attempt to resurrect my blog. In the next week, I will post on:

-The continuing alpine send-age in "The Park" (multi-media experience!)
-A minor epic in the Grand Tetons, as told through fiction
-"Let's go Alpine climbing!, oops, I mean Sport climbing!"
-A long overdue Yosemite wrap-up, in color!
-and (maybe) much much more!

So get psyched folks. Here's a few shots to get us started:

Standing at the base of El Capitan, the single greatest chunk of granite in the charted world

Can you spot the bug here? Photo taken 2000 feet up El Cap, middle of the night. Yes, I was taking pictures of bugs. Yes, I was still giving a good belay.

Grand Teton Summit.  "We don't need any pictures, let's just hurry down" Andrew says, looking nervously to the west. "Just a quick one," I say. T-minus 20 minutes to Armageddon.

The Diamond, East face of Long's Peak, taken from our bivy. Pretty nice spot, for being above tree line.

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