Saturday, October 16, 2010

Starlight Video

So last week, as you might have read below, I was working on a route called Starlight at Thunder Ridge. Though the route is fully bolted, and I had tried it once on bolts back in the spring, I was working it thin time just on gear.

I was on the second lead attempt of the morning, I was in the process of melting down. I had reached the pre-crux stance, but was unable to relax. I was pumping out, sweating, and worriedly looking back at my last stopper.

At this exact moment, our friends round the canyon and are welcomed by the sight of me, out on lead, freaking out and shaking. Lisa prudently puts her camera on video mode.

I can see a trucker placement right in front of me, and succeed in placing the correct stopper. That's when the pump clock, expires, though, and I don't even have time to clip the newly placed stopper:

Here's some more video that Lisa shot of the crux lunge to the mysterious "Manta Ray" flake, then continuing up the route:

A few days later, I came back and sent the line placing all gear on lead.
Thanks to Lisa for the video, and for burning it to a cd and dropping it off at my house! You Rock!

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