Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm not really this dumb...

OK, read the below post about Cerro Pollone first, it's actually interesting.

and then, if you still have time, a short plea for help: Is there any other blogging platform that's easier to use and less buggy/schizophrenic than blogger? I'm not really computer illiterate, but after spending nearly two hours uploading photos for that last post, I spent more than another hour trying to arrange the photos and text in some sort of consistent and logical manner. To no avail. The editing window would constantly make inexplicable changes, jumping my photos around, formatting them way off to the left or right, and clipping off all the text. It took all the patience I could find to just get all the pics and text into the post. The ugly result is below.

So anyways, I hate to complain about something that's free, but it seems so counter intuitive and buggy, I'd love it if I could use a simpler, or just more functional platform. The only catch, though, is that I'd like to keep the same web address. Probably impossible...


  1. Scott,

    I find wordpress blogs to be much better all around. The formatting is way easier and just a much more intuitive blog site all together. is not under use yet, that is as close as you'll get to the same site. You could redirect this blog to that one.

    Nice job down south! Nice to see the allure of South America pull another gringo into an extended trip!


  2. Have you tried using "Blogger in draft" ( it has some added features.

    I have many of the same problems, but Abby never does. I usually have her add the pictures and filler text, and then I go in and type what I want. She uses Google Chrome, maybe if you tried that it would work better.

  3. be patient ..try on opera might help