Friday, May 8, 2009

My car is my house, the world is my living room

So yesterday, maybe the first actually hot day of the year, was the day that my roommate and I had to vacate our apartment. It was a great place, we loved it there for over a year. It's amazing how much stuff I had, I only really realized it when I had to move it all. I got a little storage unit and took two FULL carloads of stuff there (good luck to that stuff, it's gonna be a boring, hot summer in the storage closet).

I was definitely trying to limit the amount of stuff I bring on the roadtrip, but of course I ended up with a full car anyways. I guess I just like comfort too much to pass up on: 2 tents, 2 sleeping pads, crash pad, a full bin of kitchen stuff, a bin of books, 2 bins of clothes, and much other not so neccessary junk.

Also, a BIG thanks to my friend Matt for housing me for the next week or so. I'm staying in Denver and working for one last week before actually hitting the road. I'm definitely anxious to get out there, but 1 week of work now could mean an extra month on the road, and I'm sure I'll have plenty of time to climb pretty soon...

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