Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Photos from the Desssssssssert

You know how to tell the difference between "desert" and "dessert"? Supposedly you'd only want to visit a desert once, while you'd certainly want dessert (at least) twice.

I'm glad I already know how to spell, because I love the desert!

Specifically, the desert of the Colorado Plateau and Southern Utah. This past week or so, I made yet another seasonal pilgrimage, sampling Indian Creek, Castle Valley, Moab, and Zion. Here's a few pictures:

Looking out the back of my car on the first morning of the trip. Rain, bummer.

We spent the wet morning taking photos.

The weather cleared, though, and we were climbing later that afternoon. The weather the rest of the trip? SPLITTER!

Chance the Crag Dog

Night at camp with a nearly full moon

Blake makes coffee pre-dawn. We're in the Castleton Tower parking lot, preparing for the "Castle Valley Enchainment", which includes summiting five towers: the Convent, Sister Superior, the Priest, the Rectory, and  Castleton. We would only complete three, and still didn't get back to the car til midnight. You can read more on Blake's blog.
Double Self-Portrait from a belay on "Fine Jade", tower #1. It was very cold in the morning.

Blake with the ridge, the Priest, the Rectory, and Castleton.

Back in Indian Creek, a young crack master shows off his tape gloves.

Clayton, an IC vet, also sporting tape gloves

In honor of the rattiest of desert rats, Alf, here's my "Indian Creek Sunset Panoramic". Definitely click on this one to zoom in!

Josh on Moonlight Buttress. We made a quick trip out to Zion canyon to tackle this crack-climbing masterpieces towards the end of my trip. How'd it go? Check back soon for another post with more pics!

Yes, you might notice that there are no photos of actual climbing. I've realized that most of my photos of climbing suck, and it takes a ton of motivation to get into a position to shoot good action shots. That, and talent. My friend Garrett has both, and produces amazing images. He shot some from the trip, and hopefully I'll post some here soon.

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