Thursday, November 25, 2010


For an another fun and safe season of Colorado rock climbing:

First one in, Last one out. My car is often alone in the Eldo parking lot.

 Me on the exciting and super-exposed final pitch of Mellow Yellow (5.12a). Redgarden Wall, Eldo. Photo by Joel Anderson.

Bob Rotert on the famous Naked Edge (5.11)

Forest sunbathes as Blake finishes following the first pitch of Ramblin' Rose (5.10). Wigwam Dome, South Platte.

 Me soloing Positively Fourth Street (5.10a). Photo by Matt Lloyd.

Two climbers on the second pitch of Werk Supp (5.9). The Bastille, Eldo.

Me on a successful booty mission. 
Step one: Solo up Rewritten (5.7). 
Step two: Construct the retrieval device with nut tool and coat hanger. 
Step three: Boooty!

 The Bastille catches late afternoon sun.

The beautiful town of Eldorado Springs.

My friend Weston on a brief visit from Michigan, descending Bear Peak.

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  1. scottty, love reading ur posts;. have fun with patagonia. Nick